3D2N Satang Island (Pulau Satang Besar)

2 Days

Satang Island, a hidden paradise located off the coast of Kuching City in the state of Sarawak that is not polluted by the degenerated human civilization. There are 2 Satang Island – one is Satang Kecil Island, another is Satang Besar Island. Satang Kecil Island has no tourist attraction and is very small, so we are now talking about Satang Besar Island. The island is surrounded by crystal clear sea water and you can hardly see any rubbish around. Thus, you can snorkel and swim amidst the colorful coral reefs and marine life of Satang.

Take time to visit the turtle conservation and hatchery area and learn about the conservation program on the island. Later, there is plenty of time to snorkel and swim around this beautiful island and enjoy the colourful marine life. Since the island is not too big, you can round it in less than 3 or 4 hours, depending on your equipment and speed. Some simple snorkeling equipment is provided. It is a perfect snorkeling spot for those who like it. Of course, you can also surf or fish. The surfing board are provided, but the fishing rod is not.

*Wildlife sightings are not guaranteed


Satang Island consisting of two islands Pulau Satang Besar and Pulau Satang Kecil is located in the South China Sea and its surrounding pristine waters are protected as a sanctuary for the turtles. Take time to visit the turtle conservation and hatchery area and learn about the conservation programme on the island. Later, there is plenty of time to snorkel and swim around this beautiful island and enjoy the colourful marine life.

Satang Besar Island is also a conservation and hatchery area for the green back turtle.Between May and October, the island is the perfect time for green turtles to come ashore and lay their eggs at the island. Satang Besar Island and its surrounding waters are protected as a sanctuary for these endangered turtles. After 5.30pm every day, tourists are no longer allowed to go down to the beach anymore. This is the time the turtle might start to come ashore and lay their eggs. If you stay at the beach, you might scare the turtle away. If you are lucky, you might see the turtle. However, the turtle only come if the sand is dry and there is no rain. So if there is rain, you most probably would not see any turtle.


Arrive in the early morning in the city of Kuching. Be amazed by the tranquil lifestyle and the proud homage the locals pay to their roots, as well as the welcoming embrace of the morning tropical breeze. After settling down, starting a short city tour from the Sarawak river bank. There will be some of the Malay vessels, or ‘sampan’ to bring you on a short but spectacular cruise along the Sarawak River bank. For a minimal fee, the tour includes the sights of various important architectural remains of the days of past.

This includes two castles left during the British Colonial Days – Fort Margherita and the Astana. Both were strongholds of Charles Brooke and an important monument in Sarawak’s history. Marvel at the grandeur of the castles and their white walls, as well as their landscaped gardens.

After touring Kuching city, Satang Island will be the next destination. Board a motorized launch for a trip along the historical Sarawak River. Cruising past the swaying leaves of nipah palms, coconut and mangrove trees and fishing villages, you may be able to catch glimpses of mudskippers foraging on the mid-banks or even tiny agile flying fish leaping across the bow of your boat.

Arrive at Satang Island, traditionally a haven for turtles on their migratory journey around the world. Spend a few hours swimming and snorkeling its pristine waters, well known for its beautiful corals, huge lobsters and colorful fish. The beach will serve a picnic lunch.

Starting the morning with breakfast provided by the island and proceed with various of water activities. Guided tour of Sarawak's first marine national park, Satang National Park. Cruise pass fishing villages and mangrove swamps on your way to Talang-Satang National Park. Snorkel and swim amidst colorful coral reefs and the marine life of Satang. Visit the turtle conservation and learn about this special program Snorkeling equipment is provided for the day Enjoy lunch on the beach

Finally, after 2 days 1 night, it will be time for you to go home. There is no specific time for you to check out. But it is recommended that you leave before 3pm. This is because the weather condition might be unstable when it gets late.

The Trip Cost Includes

  • Airport Transportation (to and from)
  • Transportation during tour
  • Entrance Fee
  • Accommodation and meals are provided

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • International Airfare and Visa Charges are excluded
  • Personal Expenses such as shopping, bar bills, laundry etc are excluded as well
  • External Admission Fee

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3D2N Satang Island (Pulau Satang Besar)
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