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Kuching is easily one of Malaysia’s most endearing cities, though for anyone visiting – from almost anywhere – it involves boarding a plane. But once you arrive, there is plenty to keep you occupied and entertained. Sarawak, the larger of the two East Malaysian states, is called “The Land of the Hornbill” on account of the many hornbill species which live there, and has a rich history of human habitation stretching back for millennia.

Most visitors to Sarawak begin their travels in Kuching, or indeed may confine their entire stay to the capital city. Although the city’s name mimics the Malay word for ‘cat’ – and Kuching plays this up, too, with plenty of cat statues and murals scattered around the city – it is thought more likely that the name actually derives from the Chinese word for ‘port’ – gu chin or cochin.

The best introduction to Kuching is surely its scenic and enjoyable riverfront, a stretch of walkways, parks, and assorted vendors and eateries that extends about one kilometre along the city-side bank of the Sarawak River. Up until quite recently, most travel across the river involved a very inexpensive boat ride, with wooden boats and water taxis called per auk tambang ferrying passengers back and forth, and to and fro.


Kuching is the capital of the East Malaysian State of Sarawak. Kuching is the most populous city in the state of Sarawak and the fourth largest city in Malaysia Nestled on the banks of the Sarawak River, the capital, Kuching, retains the old-world charm of its romantic past. The river is the focal point of the town and features a graceful, European-style esplanade – The Kuching Waterfront – with views across to the Astana (The Palace) and Fort Margherita.

The narrow, bustling streets near the river are crammed with ornate temples, markets, historic buildings and traditional Chinese shop houses selling local handicrafts. Kuching also lays claim to nine museums, many within walking distance of each other. No other city in Malaysia displays its charm with such an easy grace as Kuching, the capital of Sarawak.

The city is cut almost in half by the meandering Sarawak River – its lifeline since time immemorial and where it all began in 1839. Its skyline is a mix of minarets and domes, ornate temple roofs, church spires, fortress, towers, modern and colonial buildings – all set amidst a profusion of greenery against the dramatic backdrop of the inky-blue Santubong and Matang Mountains. A tour of Kuching will take you from the era of the White Rajahs to the present day.


Arrive in the early morning in the city of Kuching. Be amazed by the tranquil lifestyle and the proud homage the locals pay to their roots, as well as the welcoming embrace of the morning tropical breeze. Proceed first to the hotel for check-in, and have the rest of the morning for free-and-easy.

After settling down, starting a short city tour from the Sarawak river bank. There will be some of the Malay vessels, or ‘sampan’ to bring you on a short but spectacular cruise along the Sarawak River bank. For a minimal fee, the tour includes the sights of various important architectural remains of the days of past. This includes two castles left during the British Colonial Days – Fort Margherita and the Astana. Both were strongholds of Charles Brooke and an important monument in Sarawak’s history. Marvel at the grandeur of the castles and their white walls, as well as their landscaped gardens.

Also, make a visit to the Square Tower, another heritage site and distinct building. The Orchid Gardens is also on the list, where one can see the marvelous state flower – the Normah Orchid. Take a walk along the Main Bazaar, which is filled to the brim with visitors, tourists and shoppers alike who are in for a good bargain. The markets sell all kinds of goods including souvenirs and foodstuff.

Starting the morning with a visit to the Semenggoh Wildlife Center for the chance to see more of the Sarawakian wildlife. Built almost 40 years ago, the reserve was with the sole purpose of rehabilitating wounded wildlife and serves as a nurturing ground for endangered species. It is home to more than 1,000 types of bird, reptiles and mammals. It is also the largest reserve for Orang Utan rehabilitation. Get the chance to see these special creatures up front, with their distinct reddish brown fur and one of the world’s largest primates.

After lunch, pay a short visit to the Borneo House Museum. The Borneo House Museum is an interactive 3D and educational museum in Kuching with a floor of more than 12,500 sq ft. The museum’s interactive display Sarawak’s nature, culture, heritage and food to life. It contains Sarawak's Nature, Old Sarawak, Sarawak Today and Sarawak Iconic Food. All art pieces on display is a combined effort of carefully selected Sarawakian artists with great talent. Each art piece on display carries a storyline to make your tour informative and educational. The Museum is where everyone can become an actor, director and photographer. Have fun!

Ending the trip with your own free-roaming time. This is a time where you can roam anywhere you want, shop anywhere you like and eat anything special. Be back at the hotel by noon to pack your belongings and head home, as you bid farewell to the wonderful city of Sarawak, bringing along the sweet memories with you.

The Trip Cost Includes

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  • Entrance Fee
  • Accommodation and meals are provided

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  • Personal Expenses such as shopping, bar bills, laundry etc are excluded as well
  • External Admission Fee

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